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Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Order of St Januarius

Following on from my previous post about St Januarius here is something about the chivalric order under his patronage from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies - the Illustrious Royal Order of St Januarius

There is an illustrated online account of the Order at Order of Saint Januarius and an another detailed article by that learned commentator on all such matters chivalric and dynastic Guy Stair Sainty at The Royal Illustrious Order of Saint Januarius. ( I do not know why he translates the prefix as Royal Illustrious rather than Illustrious Royal).

Founded by King Charles VII  - later King Charles III of Spain - in 1738 and designated as the most senior of the Orders of the realm it was designed to be on a par with the other Bourbon Orders of the Golden Fleece in Spain and the Holy Spirit in France - indeed the design of the insignia shows its affinity, indeed derivation, from the latter.


The Order of St Januarius
Badge, Star, Collar, Riband, Miniature Collar, Miniature, Rosette and Bar Ribbon


The Badge and Riband

Image: realecasediborbone.it

The Badge and Star of the Order
Dated to circa 1870 in an Italian auction catalogue. If that is correct these pieces were made after the occupation and annexation of the Kingdom in 1860 and during the exile of King Francis II


The Order has continued to be bestowed by the successors of King Francis II, and these days by rival claimants, the Duke of Calabria and the Duke of Castro.


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