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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Birthday of the King of Spain

Today is the 74th birthday of the King of Spain, and an opportunity to express good wishes to a sovereign who has not only proved dutiful and capable but is also a shining example of what a monarchy can offer a nation.


The King and Queen of Spain


His reign shows what could be done in other countries less fortunate than Spain and which have not restored their historic institutions of governance. The recent problems surrounding one of his sons-in-law are unfortunate and the Royal family are clearly showing their distance from allegations of financial scandal, but the King's achievements far outweigh what must be, I trust, a passing shadow.

An insight into his approach to kingship in the modern age can be gleaned from this article from 2008 which is based around letters he wrote to the Prince of Asturias whilst the Infante was studying in the USA.

Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia with their son Crown Prince Felipe

The King and Queen of Spain and the Prince of Asturias

Image: Daily Telegraph

Spain is very fortunate indeed in its King and Queen and their royal family, as is the cause of monarchy across Europe and the world.

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A.J. said...

Hello. I am a long-time reader but haven't commented before. First of all, thank you for your interesting blog. I was just wondering: I've noticed several posts about European royalty and I would be very interested in hearing some of your thoughts on monarchy. I feel instinctively supportive of our British monarchy but must admit that this is perhaps more underpinned by sentiment than reasoning. I would have trouble explaining to somebody why monarchy is justified or desirable. And do you think Catholics in particular should be monarchists? I'm unsure as to what the Church's view is.

Anyway, I wouldn't expect an immediate reply to this comment but maybe in a future post you might outline some of your thoughts on these matters (or be kind enough to direct me to them if they are already somewhere on this blog?) I'd be interested in your opinions as you are clearly a thoughtful and learned man!

Thank you.