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Monday, 26 May 2014

First Vespers of St Philip at the Oxford Oratory

Yesterday evening at the Oxford Oratory we had Solemn First Vespers of the Solemnity of St Philip. This was, as always on such occasions, a very splendid celebration, and one that was properly prayerful and devout. I have copied the photographs from the Oratory website and added some captions.

IMG_5829 (800x525)

 St Philip's Altar with the relic bust of the saint.
The painting is a copy of Gido Reni's famous image, and was painted by Maria Giberne, one of Newman's penitents, and comes from the Birmingham Oratory.

IMG_5839 (800x570)

The Provost, Fr Daniel Seward, presides at Vespers

IMG_5851 (751x800) 

The Cantors, Fr Dominic and Br Oliver, bow during the doxology

IMG_5852 (527x800) 

Acolytes and some of those in Choir
IMG_5853 (800x480) 

The Sanctuary during Vespers

IMG_5855 (800x608)

The statue of St Philip

IMG_5861 (800x499) 

The incensation of St Philip's Altar and relic

IMG_5863 (800x701)

Regular members of the Oratory congregation - the Solemn Vespers had an particularly good attendance

IMG_5867 (800x515)

Preparing for Benediction

IMG_5873 (529x800)

 The Provost blesses a member of the congregation with a relic of St Philip

IMG_5875 (787x800)

The Oxford Oratory has a young and devout congregation

Images: Oxford Oratory

The photographer was a new recruit to taking photos on such an occasion and has done splendidly - I suspect they have got themselves a new role at the Oratory.

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