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Friday, 18 February 2011

Rumours about Summorum Pontificum

Laurence England had two posts yesterday on That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill about the rumours about the letter of clarification about Summorum Pontificum - rumours that there may be attempts to restrict its application. I copied the links so that you can read his posts, Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, Now Gloriously Reignin... and Help me with this letter...

If these rumours are true, then it is important for all those who are concerned for the success of Summorum Pontificum and for the liturgy of the Church to pray and give voice to their concern. I have said online that I would sign the letter Laurence has drafted as one means of registering that concern. True liturgical renewal, of which Summorum Pontificum is one, if not the, keystone, must not be frustrated or limited.

That said it is worth bearing in mind that these are at the moment only rumours, and the Church seems to be borne aloft on a sea of speculation. So whilst we await developments we should certainly pray and expound the merit of the Extraordinary Form, and its vital importance to the very being of the Church. It is a time to be resolute, and not to panic. There may be those in the Vatican who want to frustrate the Pope's plans, but there are also those, like Cardinal Burke, as in my recent post, who are insiders and who are definitely supportive of the Holy Father's project.

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