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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

An Interview with King Constantine

In The Times last Saturday there was a two page interview by Alice Thomson with King Constantine of the Hellenes about his life and his reaction to the recent general election in Greece. I posted something on these matters the other week in Greek General Election.

The King now lives in the country as a private citizen and the article had insightful and reflective thoughts from the King, indicating a stoical assessment of the country's situation and his own position - he was not hopeful of restoration to his throne. His Majesty speaks with openness and a certain wry humour, but also with a real concern for the country and its people in their continuing economic crisis.

I would link to the article if I could, but The Times is only available online to subscribers. So iof you subscribe or can find a hard copy of the newspaper I recommend the article to you.

To my mind it is, to say the very least, a great pity that the King has not been able to exercise his proper place as constitutional monarch in Greece since 1967. His dignity and concern was evidenced by this interview and would have served his subjects well.

Queen Anne-Marie and King Constantine II at the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, June 2010 

Image:juliapgelardi.wordpress.com/photo: Albert Nieboer/dpa/Corbis


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The article is online on the Royal Family's website:


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Many thanks for this information about the link . I do recommend reading the article.