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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ordinariate Use Wedding at Spanish Place

The New Liturgical Movement has a post about the recent marriage of Mr and Mrs James Turner according to the Ordinariate Use at St James Spanish Place in London. 

I knew James when he was here as a student in Oxford. He is a former Sacristan of Pusey House - after my time there - and someone whose reception into the Catholic Church at the Oxford Ortaory I attended. That was just before the establishment of the Ordinariate group here. James was involved with that before moving to London, and I occasionally meet up with him on Ordinariate major celebrations. 

The post, with some fine pictures of the liturgy and of the very splendid church, can be seen at Pictures of a Wedding in the Ordinariate Use

My congratulations and good wishes to the happy couple.



Supertradmum said...

Thank you for this link. Beautiful.

Becket said...

Thanks John. It really was a marvelous occasion and I hope the photographs encourage other members and clergy of the Ordinariate to make full use of the liturgical treasures made available to us by Pope Benedict.

zerry ht said...

I am going to celebrate my parents wedding vow renewal in Florida. I want best venue for the party and thinking it to be a surprise but couldn’t find any nice venues. Guys, could you please recommend me some nice venues?