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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Coronation of King George IV

Thursday July 19th 1821 witnessed the Coronation of King George IV at Westminster. This spectacular occasion 195 years ago outdid all previous such ceremonies, and was the last at which there were the ceremonies in Westminster Hall, the procession thence to the Abbey and the great banquet afterwards - those were all done away with by King William IV for his coronation in 1831.


King George IV in his Coronation Robes
His new crown is at his side and he is wearing the collars of the Orders of the Golden Fleece, the Royal Guelphic Order, the Bath and the Garter

Portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence

Image: Wikipedia/Royal Collection Trust

There are pictures and more information about the day at Coronation of George IV

Cast of George IV's crown

 A cast of the crown of King George IV
The frame of the crown can now be seen at the Tower of London
There is more about the crown at Coronation Crown of George IV
Image: Royal Collection Trust

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The crown when set with diamonds



 The Coronation Procession in 1821


Amongst the spectators who witnessed the procession to and from the Abbey was the twenty year old John Henry Newman who left his impressions of the spectacle, and especially of the jewels in the regalia - you might, he thought, be able to counterfeit the coloured precious stones, but not the flash and sparkle of diamonds.


 The Coronation Banquet in Westminster Hall
The King's Champion is entering the Hall on horseback to challenge any opponent of the King's title

Image: parliament.uk

Two of the chandeliers which were hanging in Westminster Hall that day are now here in Oxford, in a place Newman himself knew in those years, the Holywell Music Room.


The interior of the Holywell Music Room in Oxford

Image: conference-oxford.com 

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