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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Emperor Henry III

2017 is the millenium of the birth of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III. His favoured residence of  Goslar is hosting an exhibition about him and these connected posts are fom the online journal Medieval Histories 

Medieval Exhibition

Codex Caesarius Upsaliensis (former Goslariensis), fol 10– 11. Photo: University of Uppsala.

Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor 1017 – 2017

This year, the city of Goslar in Harzen celebrates the 1000-year anniversary of the birth of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor with exhibitions and lectures
Henry III and Agnes from the Evangeliary from Speyer. Source: Wikipedia

Henry III – Holy Roman Emperor 1016 – 1056

The Holy Roman Emperor, Henry III, was called a pious king by some of his contemporaries; others, however, claimed he was hypocrite
Scriptorium at Echternach. From: Book of Pericopes of Henry III. Bremen. Source: Web Art Galleries

The Golden Gospels of Henry III

Henry III (1016 - 1056), Holy Roman Emperor, recieved a very fine education. This prompted him to commission several remarkable Golden Gospels at Echternach   Read more.
Goslar from the Air. Source: Goslar Marketing

The Imperial Palace in Goslar

In the 11th century, the rich silver mines in Rammelsberg gave rise to the construction of a splendid palace complex in Goslar.
Borghorster reliquary Cross - detail.© Borghorst Church

Priceless Borghorster Reliquary Cross is Back

Stolen in 2013 from a local church in Borghorst, the invaluable reliquary cross from c. 1050 is back  Read more.
Sachsenspiegel from Oldenburg. Fol 63 V. Source: Landesbibliothek Oldenburg

Henry III and the Saxon Billungs

Henry III may be remembered as a pious emperor. But he was also eganged in medieval feuds, such as with the Billungs, the Saxon dukes

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