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Monday 3 March 2014

Destroying part of the heritage of Ireland

There was disturbing and very sad report on the Medieval Religion discussion group today about the recent demolition of the thirteenth and fourteenth century castle at Coolbanagher in Co.Laois (Queen's County) in Ireland. This came as a result of damage caused to the ruins in one of the recent storms, but the action taken seems considerably drastic more than measures to stabilise an historic structure. At best it looks like an excess of zeal on someone's part. Questions are being asked by the heritage lobby, and they need to be asked, and, indeed, answered.

Coolbanagher Castle last year, and immediately after the storm on February 17. (photos courtesy of Laois Archaeology) 

Coolbanagher Castle last year, and immediately after the storm on February 17. 
Now it is just a pile of rubble

Images; Laois Archaeology/atriptoireland.com 

The original report can be seen here. There is another report from the Irish Independent at Castle that stood for 800 years brought down by violent storms and two website reports at Coolbanagher, Hall/Tower House (demolished), Co. Laois. from  thestandingstone.ie and Coolbanagher Castle from Furta Sacra

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Mike Cliffson said...

I know from Iberian wreckervators of ancient churches, that SOME, repeat only some , are good godfearing holy clergy, with a blindspot...
But normally, secular as ecclesiastical ,pace Orwell he who hates god hates what God inspires and like Satan hates beauty that gives a chink from here to god, hates the present, and hartes the past.
Im midsixties and Ive seen this in more than one country.
Not sure which circle Dante puts nannying secularist municipal and similar jobsworthies, but be there they must.