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Friday, 2 December 2011

SSPX and the Doctrinal Preamble

I read on yesterday's information posting from Zenit that Bishop Bernard Fellay of SSPX has said that the Society would want many modifications to the "Doctrinal Preamble" which was sent to them by Cardinal Levada and that he would only publish the draft text after further discussions have taken place with the Vatican. The report can be read here.

So we know the state of discussions in principle - talks will continue.

What really worried me was not the attitude of the SSPX or the CDF. No what worried me was Zenit's very misleading headline "Society of St Pius X rejects Vatican offer." That has not happened - it may happen, but then again it may not. Zenit is an excellent organisation, so I hope someone was just nodding over their computer, and not that someone is trying to create a false impression for whatever reason.

Back to the rosary on this one I think.

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Frederick Oakeley said...

Don't underestimate the pleasure that being head cook and bottle washer bestows. There is a real danger that the SSPX are given too much credence. The generosity of His Holiness proceeds from the strength of the Vicar of Christ. The cavilling of Bishop Fellay from the weakness of a small body which claims to be more Catholic than the Pope, while being outside the barque of St Peter.