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Friday 17 November 2023

The fate of the Princes in The Tower

The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail both have stories which trail a programme on Channel 4 at 8pm tomorrow about the fate of the Princes in the The Tower. It is apparently co-presented by Philippa Langley who was instrumental in locating the skeleton of King Richard III in Leicester. Given her strongly Ricardian sympathies it is not surprising that the programme argues that the former King Edward V and his younger brother Richard Duke of York and Norfolk were not killed by their uncle but escaped and were in fact the individuals known to history as Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck. Continental archival sources are claimed to favour such an explanation.

I must admit I am sceptical about such a thesis for quite a number of reasons but I will aim to watch and see what I make of the case as presented. I will aim to comment next week.

The two illustrated newspaper summaries can be accessed at Historian who found Richard III under car park claims Princes in the Tower escaped from the Daily Telegraph and at Princes in the Tower may have ESCAPED prison instead of being killed from the Daily Mail

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of historical murder mysteries, a couple of weeks ago I posted on another blog I frequent a theory of mine (not hitherto suggested, to my knowledge) about the most likely culprit responsible for the death of William Rufus in the New Forest in the year 1100. It is none of the usual suspects!



John R Ramsden

P.S. My blog is no longer active, but I plan to start another one soon.