Saturday, 6 December 2014

Images of St Nicholas - old and new

Today is the feast of St Nicholas,who is patron of many groups as well as many historic churches and, of course, many people.

On the Medieval Religion discussion group the Rev.Gordon Plumb has posted what he describes as a small selection of glass images of St Nicholas - but which includes the wonderful window from Bourges in central France, and the very impressive one from Hillesdon in Buckinghamshire:

Chetwode, St Mary & St Nicholas, Buckinghamshire, sII, 1c: c.1270-80:
Sées Cathedral, Chapel of St Nicholas, Bay 13: c.1270-80.

Hillesden, All Saints, Buckinghamshire, sIV, early 16thC.:
A set of this window can be found here:

A friend has sent me a depiction of St Nicholas that is both very traditional, being an icon, and also reflects the modern perception of his alter ego, Santa Claus.

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