Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Rogationtide with Fr Hunwicke

Fr Hunwicke has been marking Rogationtide this week with a series of typically well researched and informed posts about the origins and practical observance of the Rogation Days and all charged with his own distinctive and incisive observations.

I recommend reading and appreciating his articles, which can be seen at:


My 'Rogations' problem

Drinking the Evil Spirits away

Marx and Sparx

In addition Gregory DiPippo on the New Liturgical Movement has an article made up of quotations from William Durandus Bishop of Mende (c.1230-1296) Rationale Divinorum Officium, written in Italy before 1286, about the Rogationtide processions. It can be read at Durandus on the Minor Litanies

The rich mixture of Catholic piety, antique precedents and pagan origins, folk religion, communal celebration, the understanding of the natural order and rhythms of the agricultural year and all that bound these elements together and which characterised Rogationtide is wonderfully evocative of, to borrow a phrase, the world we have lost.

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